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Your reference for marine life illustrations online.

ANIMA offers over 3,500 realistic and scientifically accurate illustrations of fish, crustaceans, other marine life, underwater scenes and a wide range of aquatic animals and other natural history subjects from around the world.

Purchase the rights to a high resolution digital image for your publication or design, buy an original painting, or order a high-quality artist print from any image you find in our image bank.


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ANIMA Stock Images features more than 3,500 illustrations of fish, crustaceans, underwater scenes and other marine life, as well as a wide variety of natural history subjects from around the world. We provide high resolution images ready to use for commercial purposes, personal projects, prints and editorials, as well as scientifically accurate illustrations for identification documents and books.

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About our principle artist,

Roger Swainston


Roger Swainston is an Australian painter, naturalist and zoologist and is one of the most recognised artists of the underwater world.  

       " Most of my working life has been spent trying to capture the elusive colours, surfaces and forms of the marine world. For many years I worked almost exclusively with fish. The discipline of researching them, then closely examining, drawing and painting more than 6,000 of them, has given me not only a profound knowledge of my subjects but also an intimate understanding of the techniques and materials I use to paint them."

Roger’s focus as an artist continues to be the integration of science and art in a way that fosters both an appreciation of the extraordinary beauty of the subject, and an understanding of its diversity and complexity.


Roger Marseille Green fish

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